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About us

Reducing cost & Increasing Uptime with AI and Real-Time Analytics

Taabi engineers SaaS platforms that help businesses identify the problematic factors in the operation in real-time—and take swift actions to reduce cost and increase uptime. Taabi Solutions utilize IoT, AI, and data to monitor your operations in terms of fuel specifics, vehicle health status, cargo details, route details, and driver behavior.


Km Tracked in Real-time


Instances of Fuel Pilferage Caught


Litres of fuel saved


Km improvement in Uptime

Why Taabi?

Adding Value to Customer’s Bottom Line With AI-Powered SaaS Platforms

We develop modern software solutions with cutting-edge technologies that help businesses manage their fleet & logistics operations. With a very deep understanding of fleet & logistics operations—our professionals can identify real-world challenges accurately, develop solutions that address the challenges precisely, and support our customers relevantly. Taabi solutions are customizable, that can be tailored to boost the KPIs in any industry.

  • Taabi's fleet management solutions optimize logistics operations, enhancing fleet efficiency and reliability. Real-time tracking, AI-powered software, and data analysis identify patterns and assist in issue resolution for businesses.

  • Taabi's AI solutions integrate with hardware sensors to help businesses benefit from real-time vehicle tracking, data analysis, and pattern identification. Our on-ground advisory support ensures maximum solution utilization and superior customer satisfaction.

  • We help businesses establish a smart fleet to meet customer demands more reliably and build trust through goal-oriented commitment. Not to mention, it cuts costs and boosts profits by enhancing logistics efficiency and effectiveness.

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to Revolutionize the Logistics Infrastructure with Technology

At Taabi, our mission is clear: to sustainably revolutionize the logistics infrastructure with technology. We are driven by the belief that innovation and responsible practices can go hand in hand to create a more efficient and environmentally conscious logistics industry. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the logistics sector, we develop cutting-edge software solutions tailored for logistics and fleet management. Our goal is to empower businesses to optimize their operations while reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing the impact on the environment.

Through our advanced technology, including real-time tracking, intelligent data analysis, and AI-powered algorithms, we enable businesses to make informed decisions, enhance efficiency, and reduce waste. We strive to promote sustainability by facilitating smarter route planning, optimizing fuel consumption, and supporting eco-friendly practices across the supply chain. Together, let's embrace technology to create a more sustainable and efficient logistics infrastructure that meets the demands of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow.

Empowering Diverse Businesses with Taabi Solutions

Trusted by 350 + Fleets and Enterprises

Our Philosophy

We Innovate & Experiment, but Never Stray from our Founding Philosophies

We believe firmly in the power of technology, data analytics, and their impact on combating climate change; we strive to make a difference! By enabling businesses to optimize uptime, save fuel, and enhance efficiency, we empower them to reduce their carbon footprint, save costs, and embrace sustainability.

Our unwavering dedication is towards fostering a greener future for all, where every drop of fuel saved contributes to a more sustainable world.


We engineer simple solutions, with a simple interface, that makes the lives of your customers simple. We help you effortlessly execute your operations


Our agile approach enables us to adapt swiftly with the changing needs of our stakeholders. We anticipate industry changes and provide responsive solutions to meet evolving demands.


We strictly believe in prudent resource allocation. We optimize time and cost, ensuring efficient utilization and delivering value-driven logistic and fleet management solutions.


We empower businesses by fostering an ownership mindset, promoting clarity, and enabling confident decision-making for achieving organizational goals

Committed Savings on Fuel & Uptime

Our comprehensive solutions can optimize your fuel mileage by up to 15%

Optimized & Efficient Operations

We optimize your operations with our proprietary AI/ML algorithms and robust IoT engineering.

Improved Trip Security & Reliability

We ensure security & reliability with effective driver behavior monitoring, digital locking, and vehicle health tracking.

Our Process

Steps to Implementing our Solutions

We believe in implementing transparent processes that can be integrated into your existing systems with minimum disruption. Implementing Taabi logistics & fleet management solutions in 4 easy steps.


  • Fuel Sensor Installation on Vehicle Running on Top 3-5 Routes
  • Reading Data from Sensors to Identify Issues, Trends, and Patterns
  • Visibility into Performance Indicators with Real-Time Analytics
  • Providing Predictive Insights, Advisory, and Alerts with Proprietary AI Algorithms

What you get

Customized Alerts

Stay informed with personalized notifications tailored to your fleet's specific needs.

Real-Time ETA Visibility

Gain instant insights into accurate estimated arrival times for efficient planning and operations.

AI/ML Led Customized Dashboards for management

Harness the power of advanced AI/ML technology with intuitive dashboards for optimized fleet management.

Benchmarking with Similar Fleets

Compare and benchmark your fleet's performance against similar industry peers for enhanced competitiveness.

Leadership - CEO

Pali Tripathi

Taabi is headed by Pali Tripathi. The CEO comes with 16 years of experience across diverse leadership roles like—Member Board of Directors, Vice President, Director, Chief Strategy Officer, Manager Business Advisory, etc. She is a specialist in Business incubation and strategy.

A multifaceted business leader with experience across India’s largest corporate businesses like—CEAT Tyres, PwC Strategy&, Booz & Company, Ernst & Young, Unilever, and more!


Years of Experience
Multifaceted Business Leader
Specialist in Business Incubation & Strategy
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